Miami Gardens Teen Arrested for Taking a Woman Out on a Date While His Friend Robbed Her House

You thought your last first date was bad? At least it wasn't with Anthony Maldanado.

The 18-year-old Miami Gardens resident met a Coral Springs woman at a party and agreed to take her out on a date. However, while he chatted her up at a restaurant, he had an accomplice break into her house and clean it out.

Maldanado introduced himself to the woman as "Florenciano Valentino" and asked his victim out on a lunch date. Maldanado also managed to find out the woman's address, and, along with his accomplice, he scoped out the home to make sure no one else was home, according to CBS Miami.

While Maldanado met with the woman, the accomplice broke in and in over two hours he managed to nab over $5,000 in electronics. He even pulled his car into her garage so he could load up the booty.

To add insult to injury, Maldanado stole the woman's cell phone at the restaurant and then left her with the bill. The worst crime of all though might be his choice for a first date restaurant: Applebee's.

Surveillance footage helped police track Maldanado down, but they're still looking for the accomplice. Anyone with information is asked to call detective Anthony Cassini at 954-346-1251.

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