Miami Free Times: Art Fairs, Full Moon Parties, and Oscar-Nominated Doxs

Stick with us, kids, and you'll never have to pay for another thing ever again. At least not Monday through Friday.

Monday: From noon to 2 p.m., you can waltz in and out of Arteaméricas for free. But if you don't have the $12 to get in, you're not likely in the market to bag some modern art. What the hey, go window-shopping!

Tuesday: We hear rumors of a Full Moon Drum Circle party at Collins Avenue and 85th Street. No, we're not calling you a bunch of hippies. But if the Birkenstock fits, go dance in the moonlight.

Wednesday: Make an appointment to see "Miami, Miami" at the Bas Fisher International. We know, making an appointment sounds like

so much work. Sometimes playing for free costs you a little effort.

Thursday: See a free screening of Which Way Home

at UM's Bill Cosford Cinema. Nominated for the Best Feature Documentary

Oscar, the film follows the effects of immigration on children. Perfect

for those trying to shake off a good mood.

Friday: Wander the streets for the monthly Gables Gallery Night.

Yes, this means you have to leave the parameters of Wynwood. It's OK;

you can always return to your hipster enclave tomorrow.

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