Miami Finalist To Host 2019 or 2020 Super Bowl

Miami hasn't hosted a Super Bowl since 2010. Which isn't exactly an astounding drought, but we are Miami. We do things like host Super Bowls. We've hosted ten of them in fact, tied for most with New Orleans. But one day the NFL's top brass decided our little Sun Life Stadium wasn't up to par anymore, and issued an unofficial edict: "No more Super Bowls for you until you give that thing a facelift."

After several failed attempts to work out a deal using public money, owner Stephen Ross decided to pay for those renovations out of pocket (though the team will receive "finders fees" from the County for hosting events like the Super Bowl), and those renovations are expected to be completed by the 2017 season

That means Miami should be back in the business of hosting Super Bowls sometime soon. In fact, we're now one of four cities in the finals to host the 2019 or 2020 editions of the big game. 

New Orleans, Atlanta, and Tampa are the other markets in play. New Orleans hosted its last Super Bowl in 2013. Tampa last played host in 2009, and Atlanta hosted its last game in 2000. 

Owners will gather to vote on who gets to play host in exactly one year during a meeting next May. The general thinking is that Miami should be a shoe-in. It got a bit of a "hint, hint" from the league, and should be rewarded for going through with the renovations. However, Atlanta will have a brand new stadium in play, which as of right now is literally called the "New Atlanta Stadium." It's expected to be completed by 2017. 

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