Miami-Filmed Charlie's Angels Canceled

Even a day after paparazzi pics of two of the Charlie's Angels cast members engaging in some sapphic lip locking action probably-not-coincidentally leaked, ABC has canceled the Miami-set reboot of the classic franchise. Unlike a host of other Miami-set shows however, Charlie's Angels actually filmed here, so the cancellation if a bit of a blow to the local production industry.

Last night's airing pulled in a paltry 1.3 rating in advertiser's favored 18-49 demo. That's below NBC's brilliant but low-rated Community (no seriously, it's brilliant, go watch last night's episode now! Now! Now!), and even the the CW's supernatural soap Vampire Diaries. We understand the creepy power of Ian Somerhalder's eyes, but when your ABC show can't even beat the CW in the ratings its pretty much dead.

The series starred Annie Ilonzeh, Minka Kelly, and Rachael Taylor as a new set of South Florida-based angels, but failed to capture the camp of the original series or the pop-culture fun of the movie series. That's what we've heard anyway. We've never even seen the thing, and apparently not many other people did either.

Though production of the series, which filmed primarily in a Wynwood warehouse, has been halted, the early indication seems that ABC will air the four remaining episodes that have already been shot.

Angels was the first new show on ABC's schedule to face the cancellation hammer, but follows NBC's Playboy Club and Free Agents, CBS's How to Be a Gentleman, and the CW's H8R into a shallow early season grave. Unfortunately, somehow, Whitney still continues to air.

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Kyle Munzenrieder