Miami Family Might Win Trademark Rights to Cohiba Cigars and Havana Club Rum

U.S. judges have granted millions of dollars to the families of Fidel Castro's victims, but the problem comes with collecting. Cuba's frozen assets are dwindling, and the Communist isle isn't too keen on recognizing American court judgments. So Roberto Martinez, the lawyer for the family of Bobby Fuller -- a former U.S. Marine who owned a sugar plantation in Cuba before being executed in 1960 for disloyalty -- is trying to win trademark rights to Cohiba Cigars, Havana Club Rum, and 12 other Cuban government-owned brands, according to the Guardian

Problem is, Cohibas, made in the Dominican Republic, are already sold in America, and Bacardi USA markets its own brand of Puerto Rican-made Havana Club Rum. 

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