Kenny Stills Gifted a Security Guard a Football After He Accidentally Ran Over Her
Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg

Kenny Stills Gifted a Security Guard a Football After He Accidentally Ran Over Her

The Miami Dolphins lost to the Detriot Lions 32-21 Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium. It amounted to an all-around sleepy effort in the Fins' second game without starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill. The loss dropped them to 4-3 and, because of the Patriots' win over the Bears, to second place in the AFC East. All in all, the Dolphins' first seven games of the season will be remembered for blowing a chance to catapult the squad into the upper tier of AFC playoff teams.

We're not here to talk about that, though. We'd like to address the fact that Kenny Stills completely trucked a security guard and then gifted her a football to make it all better.

Stills caught a touchdown pass on a crucial third-down play right before running over the security guard, who had her back turned to the action. After initially limping away himself, Stills made his way back to the woman, who was visibly hurt, to check on her. After it became apparent there was nothing he could do to make things better at the moment, Stills did the only thing left: He gave her the football that caused all this drama.

Reports were the woman was able to walk back into the stadium, where medical personnel checked her for a concussion and an apparent shoulder injury. The Sun Sentinel reported she was later taken to a hospital as a precaution. Let's hope that after she heals up, she's able to get Stills to sign that ball.

As for the Dolphins, they'll head to Houston in a short week for a Thursday Night Football primetime game against the Texans. A loss would mean turning a promising 3-0 start into a very Dolphins 4-4 record. All reports indicate Brock Osweiler will continue to play because Ryan Tannehill probably won't. Brocktober will have to do something different in his third straight start.

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