Miami Dolphins Fans Hate Players Paying for Sex, Love Donald Trump

Miami Dolphins Fans Hate Players Paying for Sex, Love Donald Trump
Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg
Miami has a reputation as an anything-goes, spring-break-for-adults destination. Outsiders seem to think everyone in the 305 spends all day at the beach working on their tan and drinking mojitos. Few would consider the place uptight.

Our strip clubs are world famous, and people here voted overwhelmingly against Donald Trump.

But according to a new survey, many Miami Dolphins fans are not only the dullest people at the cocktail party, but also let the president shape their opinions more than any fan base in America.

It's not a great look for Dolphins fans.

The survey of 1,500 NFL fans conducted by TickTock and provided to The Washington Examiner focuses on how some NFL fans hold athletes to a higher standard than others do.

Some of the highlights (or lowlights) are as follows:

Dolphins fans are most likely (59.5%) to let social issues influence what they think about a player. If you'll remember, Stephen Ross was the first owner to launch a proposal (later abandoned) to fine players for kneeling during the National Anthem. It seems Dolphins fans, like their owner, let players' social stances influence their opinion of the athletes more than any other NFL fan base.

Nearly 90 percent of Dolphins fans — the most by far of any fan base surveyed — felt players' drug convictions were a deal-breaker. That was just 2 percent fewer than fans who gave a thumbs-down to sexual harassment and/or rape convictions. Woooof. 

Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg
Fins lovers were least in favor of players speaking out on police brutality. More than 24 percent prefer that athletes stick to sports. The same percentage (24.3%) opposed players voicing their support of same-sex marriage. This was also highest (see: worst) among NFL fans.

Nearly 40 percent of Dolphins fans were unsupportive of players going to strip clubs. And more than 70 percent frowned on Dolphins players paying for sex. Both numbers were the highest in the NFL. It's as if these people are unaware they live in Miami.

Here is where it gets weirder: More than 13 percent of Dolphins fans, highest of any team polled, support racist tweets. Possibly related: Dolphins fans were second-most opposed (after the Carolina Panthers backers) to speaking negatively of President Trump.

Dolphins fans were also the most likely to say the president's position had affected their thinking on players kneeling during the anthem.

There is a lot to unpack there. The poll, surveying only about 1,500 people, does not necessarily represent most Miami-Dade residents or Dolphins fans. Hillary Clinton handily won the county, for instance. But it is troubling that among the participants (26.4 percent female, 73.6 percent male, ages 15 to 77), Dolphins fans consistently came out not in the middle in some of these worrisome areas, but smack-dab at the freakin' top of them.
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