Miami Dolphins Eyeing Peyton Manning, Really?

The Miami Dolphins have not had a consistent quarterback since Dan Marino, who retired at 38. Twelve years later, the Dolphins are still fumbling around trying to land a franchise quarterback even half as good as he was. Signing a 35-year-old injured player probably won't to help much, but don't bother telling that to the Dolphins brass.

Peyton Manning, of all people, is apparently atop the Dolphins' "quarterback wishlist," according to Barry Jackson at the Miami Herald. Of course, Manning sat out all of last season while recovering from neck surgery. He began throwing the ball again about a month ago, and word was that his short-pass game was still on point, but his deep passing was struggling.

With our apologies to Marino, the Dolphins have already dealt with one aging legend, and that situation devolved into the bitter end of the 1999 season and the infamous 62-7 playoff loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars that ultimately capped both Marino's and Jimmy Johnson's careers.

Then again, if Manning gets healthy, perhaps he can be more late-career Brett Favre -- definitely not a long-term solution for a quarterback, but a quick fix for a season or two.

However, with the hiring of Joe Philbin as the new head coach, the team does have a good chance of landing the Packers' impressive backup QB Matt Flynn. And the Dolphins haven't ruled out the possibility of trading up in the draft to land Baylor QB and Heisman winner Robert Griffin III.

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Kyle Munzenrieder