Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Release Bikini-Filled Taylor Swift Lip-Synced Video

After the success of their "Call Me Maybe" video last year, the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders are back this summer to lip-sync for their lives to Taylor Swift's "22." The video, which features a wardrobe of bikinis, was filmed in the Dominican Republic during the cheerleading squad's recent 2014 calendar photo shoot.

So, basically, most of you watched the video above and you're now spent, but to hit our word count for this post, we're going to wonder why exactly the squad chose to set the video to Taylor Swift's "22."

  • Is it because the average age of a Miami Dolphins cheerleader is 22? Well, it very well could be, but their official website does not list the cheerleaders' ages (because a lady never tells), so maybe we'll never know.
  • Are they celebrating the guy who wears jersey number 22? Well, second-round draft pick Jamar Taylor will wear number 22 next year, but it would be weird for the team to celebrate their second-round draft pick in such a big way, especially considering they made such a big deal of trading up to the third spot to draft Dion Jorand, so probably not. Besides, Ryan Tannehill is considering the "future" of the franchise, and Taylor Swift does have a song matching his jersey number in "17."
  • Is this a celebration of the Miami Dolphins' 22 playoff appearances? Probably not, and that would be just cruel considering the Fins have made the playoffs just once in the past decade.
  • Is this a reminder that even if the Dolphins suck next year, "everything will be alright if we keep dancing like we're 22"? Unlikely, but good advice nonetheless.

  • Is this to advertise that the Dolphins' first home game is September 22? Oh, cool, we just read the YouTube video description too, and that appears to be the reason!

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Kyle Munzenrieder

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