Miami Doesn't Care About Sports, Maybe Because Our Teams Suck

Men's Health has stuck us with another label: the least sports obsessed city. 

The mag took into account number of ticket sales and attendance on the pro, college and high school level for baseball, basketball football, and NASCAR as well as memorabilia sales. Miami came in dead last. That's kind of sad considering the Heat, Marlins, and Dolphins have all won championships before -- then again, those teams do have a habit of sinking to embarrassing lows. 

Arlington, TX the Dallas suburb and actual home of the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys took top honors. 

Update: Well looky here. ESPN has released a list of all professional sports team in the nation, according to SFBJ, based on eight factors including "how much effort players put in to the game and how likable they are off the field" and "How loyal the franchise's ownership and management has been to core players and the community."

Out of 122 teams, none ranked that high. The Miami Heat ranked 55th, the Dolphins came in 61st. The Marlins ranked 77th, and the Florida Panthers came in 90th (then again, what do you expect from a South Florida hockey team?). 

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Kyle Munzenrieder