Miami-Dade Schools Police Chief Charles Hurley Hit with Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Charles Hurley, the former head of the Miami-Dade Schools police force, has been hit with a lawsuit by two female officers who say the chief sexually harassed them. One of the women claims that Hurley was brandishing his boner around in front of her, while another claims the chief forced her hand into his pants. The two say that the School Board did nothing to stop Hurley's behavior, and say they faced retaliation because they refused his advances.

Officers Deanna Fox-Williams and Yewande Gibson told their story to NBC 6 South Florida.

Fox-Williams says that the chief would come into her office and hint that he wanted to have sex on her desk. In another instance the chief became uncomfortably proud of the fact he was sporting an erection.

"He became erect and pointed out the fact that he was to me, and wanted me to look at him," Fox-Williams tells the station.

Fox-Williams says she was threatened with termination because she fended off her boss's advances.

Gibson says she was asked by the chief to come over to his house to see the result of recent renovations. Gibson said she wanted tips on the possibility of remodeling her own home. Instead she says the chief tried to force himself on her:

Her lawsuit alleges, "Once inside the house, Chief Charles Hurley grabbed Plaintiff around the torso, forced his tongue in Plaintiff's mouth, unzipped his trousers and forced Plaintiff's hand onto his penis, all before Plaintiff was able to break away and flee from the house."

Gibson said she was in uniform at the time.

"We never had sex but that is something that he tried to force upon me. At which time I was able to escape," she said.

Gibson says that after the incident she was transferred out of a job she loved to another one located 35 miles away.

"He decided that because he could not get what he wanted, that he was going to make my life a hell every opportunity he got," Gibson told NBC 6.

The former chief didn't respond to the station, and his attorneys haven't filed any response to the suit yet in court.

This is just the latest controversy for Hurley.

He was reassigned from his position last May amid a School Board investigation, possibly related to claims of sexual harassment. Hurley has also been accused of using the Baker Act on student to put them in psychiatric hospitals instead of arresting them so it looks like crime in schools and overall arrests were down during his tenure.

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Kyle Munzenrieder