Miami-Dade Cop Popped for DUI Asks FHP Trooper to "Let Him Go," Falls Asleep in Vomit

Miami-Dade police officer Albert Coriat apparently thinks law enforcement agencies giving each other special treatment is more important than public safety.

Back on February 16th, Coriat, who is 40, popped an illegal U-turn on the Florida Turnpike near mile marker 59. An FHP trooper spotted the illegal maneuver and pulled Coriat over. Coriat told the trooper he was a Miami-Dade police officer and provided his badge and ID as proof.

He said he had consumed only two beers, but the trooper concluded that his blood shot eyes and alcohol-tinged breath suggested he had more.

According to CBS Miami, Coriat said that he was fine to drive and asked the trooper to let him go.

"The subject then stated not to arrest him because he was a police officer and we needed to stick together," reads the arrest report.

Coriat then failed a field sobriety test and later refused to provide a breath alcohol test. He was arrested. On the way to the holding facility Coriat threw up in the back of the cab. He then fell asleep still caked in his own vomit in the holding cell.

He stands charged of DUI.

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