Miami-Dade Cop Faces Charges for Scratching His Car and Lying About It

Miami-Dade Cop Faces Charges for Scratching His Car and Lying About It

Well, you can't say local cops get away with everything.

Miami-Dade Police Officer Joshua Zacarias will face charges after he had a minor run-in with a gate at a police station parking lot and then lied about it.

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In March 2013, Zacarias claimed a vandal had come to his home at night and keyed his car.

The damage was relatively minor, but the department noticed yellow paint on the car, inconsistent with a keying, and decided to investigate.

The department now believes Zacarias accidentally ran into a chain-link fence at a Miami Lakes police substation. A latch on the fence matched up with the mark on the car.

A warrant was issued for Zacarias' arrest, and he surrendered himself yesterday morning.

Zacarias' attorney, Douglas Hartman, told CBS 4 that on the night the incident allegedly took place, the officer had apprehended four armed-robbery suspects.

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