Miami-Dade Cop Arrested for Trying to Frame Ex-Husband for Selling Fake Sneakers
Sneaker Photo by Ric Man via WikiCommons

Miami-Dade Cop Arrested for Trying to Frame Ex-Husband for Selling Fake Sneakers

Saintamens Edwards is an eight-year veteran of what's supposed to be county's best and brightest, the Miami-Dade Police Department. Her ex-husband has a job at a shoe store. Edwards, 35, however, has now found her feet on the wrong side of the law after allegedly abusing the power of her job as a brave public servant to try to get her ex fired from his job.  

Edwards, who, according to the Miami Herald, did administrative work at the Intracoastal station in northwest Miami-Dade, now faces charges of official misconduct, harassment, and unlawful use of a communication device. 

In July 2013, Edwards called the Miami Beach sneaker store where her ex worked and posed as Officer Diann Mich. She spoke to her ex's boss and claimed the man was under investigation for crimes related to the business. She then emailed her ex's boss two police reports that claimed the ex had been selling counterfeit shoes out of the store. The report claimed that in one instance the man sold fake Jordans for $500. The message also urged the boss to keep quiet about the investigation. 

The sneaker store's owner, Jose Raij, however, has a son who happens to be a lawyer in New York, so Raij forwarded the email to his son. The lawyer son thought the report seemed fishy, and when he contacted the Intracoastal station, other officers said they had no records of the report in their files. 

An Internal Affairs detective then got involved and noted that at the time the email was sent, Edwards had come into the office off-duty and in workout clothes, noting she just needed to file something quickly. That seemed strange to her coworkers. Copies of the fake police reports were also found on her computer. 

The investigation concluded that there was no reason to suspect that her ex was involved in selling fake sneakers and that more than likely, Edwards was abusing her power to mess with him. 

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