University of Miami's home field
University of Miami's home field
Photo by Tim Elfrink

Miami Coach Linked To Steroid Scandal Will Plead Guilty to Misdemeanors

Lazer Collazo, a former pitching coach at University of Miami and head coach at local high schools, has agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts of buying steroids without a prescription. Collazo had been charged as part of the federal case against Coral Gables steroid clinic Biogenesis, with federal prosecutors alleging he funneled high school clients to the operation.

The new reduced charges are a victory for Collazo and his attorney, Frank Quinero Jr., who has spent the past month hammering MLB and its star witness, Biogenesis chief Tony Bosch, in a litany of federal court filings.

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Collazo's new charges were filed in federal court this morning; Quintero confirmed to New Times that he will plead guilty to them, though a judge still must confirm the reduced counts.

The coach had been touted by federal prosecutors as a key link between young athletes and Bosch -- who has admitted to doping up at least 18 high school athletes in South Florida and more in the Dominican Republic.

But Quintero chipped away at the case in federal filings, particularly casting doubt on Bosch's credibility as a witness as he showed how the ex-steroid dealer lived a lavish life on MLB's dime while cooperating with federal prosecutors.

Quintero hailed the move in a statement, thanking prosecutors and the judge.

Bosch got four years in federal prison last month for his role in the case; one trial remains connected to the clinic. A-Rod's cousin, Yuri Sucart, is scheduled to go to trial in April for his role recruiting clients to the clinic.

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