Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin

Miami Christian Group Protests Univision for Airing Interview with Openly Gay Ricky Martin

A South Florida church apparently thinks featuring a gay man on television is obscene. Oscar Aguero Ministry announced plans this weekend to picket the offices of Univision for airing an interview back on November 2 featuring a now openly gay popstar Ricky Martin discussing his sexuality.

In the interview, Martin discussed his first sexual experience with interviewer Maria Elena Salinas in a segment that aired between 7 and 8 p.m.

The church claims that this promoted "sexual promiscuity and homosexuality as a gift of life, and an apparent blessing during a time when families are together, openly addressing adolescents and teen viewers."

"These are not our Latin roots, and the Latino people of South Florida have decided to stand up and defend our family values," read a press release.

The group also claims that Martin promotes hedonism by telling his fans to live "la vida loca."

According to the Advocate the group is threatening to report Univision to the FCC.

"Univision's complicity in transmitting this message deserves, on our side, our complaints before the FCC -- the entity that regulates media in the Unites States -- which says that any pornographic, indecent or obscene content can be reported as a complaint."

The church apparently gathered this Saturday morning outside the station's Miami headquarters to protest.

I don't know if Oscar Aguero and his ministry have ever watched television before, but maybe they've never seen an episode of Will & Grace or, say, the thousands and thousands of programs that highlight the "sexual promiscuity" of straight people that air during "family time."

Update: Blabbeando has more details on the protest, including this picture from Maria Elena Heredia's Twitter of the protest. "Miami protest against Ricky Martin for his confession!!! UNHEARD OF! Such backwardness #NOH8," wrote the Actress.

Miami Christian Group Protests Univision for Airing Interview with Openly Gay Ricky Martin

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