Miami Blogdom As First Lady Fashion Critic

Now that the election is over the local political blogs have to find something else to comment on, and they decided to start with Michelle Obama's dress designed by Narciso Rodriguez, a Cuban-American designer.

Genius of Despair over at Eye on Miami called it a fashion faux pas, and wrote "it ruined all those cover photos for me. I like the woman but again I call for a fashion consultant."

Over on the right, one of the bloggers at Babalu had a shit fit that Michelle Obama can wear all these fancy clothes after La Palin took a drubbing in the press for her $150,000 shopping spree. Though, unlike Eye, they liked the dress.

The real fun of this all is that the Babalu blogger found out that Obama wore a lablel called Marx and did not attempt to make any sort of strained political joke about it.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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