Miami Beach's Most Protective Cat Owner Spies on Roommate, Clashes With Cops

There were boxes all over the apartment, cords hanging from the ceiling, and cables running all over the floors. But despite the general disarray, Florence Nwosu was mostly upset about the cats. Her South Beach roommate, Bridge Golde, had a ton of them. The 48-year-old couldn't breathe inside her Lincoln Road apartment and opened a window to let in some air.

This displeased Miami Beach's most protective cat owner, who confronted her roommate after admitting she'd installed cameras to spy on her. The whole fiasco ended with shoving, police being called to the apartment, and code inspectors being notified of the horrible conditions.

The feline fight went down March 3, according to a police report obtained by Riptide, when Nwosu, who was "feeling fatigued from a lack of oxygen," opened a window on her side of the apartment near Lincoln Road and Collins Avenue.

That's when Golde admitted she "videotapes [Nwosu] without her consent to document the window usage" because she "cannot have the window open because it is a danger to the cats."

When Nwosu learned about the filming, she scuffled with her roommate, police say, pushing her from behind a counter.

One of the roommates called cops, who were stunned by the "extreme disarray" in the apartment.

Neither roommate was charged with a crime, though police did refer Golde to prosecutors because she was "extremely uncooperative and defensive" when they tried to talk to her about the cat fight.

Building, code, and fire inspectors soon paid a visit to the feline-filled apartment and found a "multitude of violations," police say.

Neither Nwosu nor Golde could be reached for comment.

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