Miami Beach Resident Battled a UFO

Milton Torres, a 77-year-old retired American jet fighter pilot now living on Miami Beach, was given orders by Britain's Royal Air Force to shoot down a UFO back in 1957, and he believes the craft was manned by Space Aliens.

Torres was told to keep quiet about the order or he would never fly again. Though Torres did speak to the British press 17 years ago, the details of the order were declassified this week by Britian's Ministry of Defense, sparking renewed interest.

"I'll say what I believe — space aliens... I don't believe it was of this Earth," Torres told The Sun.

Torres never saw the U.F.O. directly, but watched it briefly dash across his radar before disappearing. The admission is the only known instance of a jet fighter pilot being ordered to shoot down a U.F.O. But none of the official documents released confirm Torres' suspicion that it was indeed an alien spaceship.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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