Miami Beach Mayor Says We're Too Poor for Democracy

Another Miami-Dade city, another city commission appointment controversy in the works. This time around, Miami Beach is trying to decide whether to fill Dan Gelber's vacated seat with an appointee or hold a special election.

An election would cost as much as $400,000, and Mayor Matti Bower told the Herald: "That's a waste of taxpayer dollars, especially in this economy."

What the hell kind of fascist excuse is that? Democracy is a waste of taxpayer dollars? "Oh sorry, we're too poor for democracy right now. God forbid we spend taxpayer money to empower the taxpayers with this choice." Forgoing an election because of a crisis sounds like some dictator-type shit. Bower, we hope, didn't mean it that way, but it's pretty scary to think she is suggesting we should hold special elections only when the economy is good.

If they do go the appointment route, they'll likely choose former Mayor David Dermer. I guess no city staffer had a 21-year-old ex-beauty queen looking for work.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder

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