Miami Beach Man Tasered After Refusing to Pay For His Steak and Beer

​All Samuel Douglas Day wanted was to sit down at a beach-side restaurant on a Saturday night, eat a good steak, and drink a beer. He really didn't want to deal with anything else. Like his tab, for instance. So Day allegedly left the restaurant without paying -- then threatened to stab the security guard, and ran off like a feral cat through the sea oats.

He didn't get far before a Miami Beach cop Tasered him in the chest.

According to a police report, Day drunkenly stumbled into Day's Inn at 7450 Ocean Terrace in North Beach on February 11.

Maybe the inebriated man thought that since his name was on the neon sign, he owned the place. Whatever the reason, employees say Day refused to pay after finishing his steak and beer. When a security guard tried to stop him from leaving, he threatened to stab him and walked out.

The restaurant called the cops. When Day spotted police behind him, he bolted for the sea oats. As cops chased him along the beach shouting for him to show his hands, Day allegedly said: "I'll stab you too," and reached towards his waist band.

That was when the cop pulled his taser and zapped the portly fugitive in the chest. But it wasn't enough.

"The Taser had little affect on the def. bc he was extremely intoxicated," according to the police report. "The def. fell forward and attempted to grab the Taser prongs to remove them." Cops then "drive stunned" Day in the calf and arrested him.

He was charged with two counts of felony aggravated assault (for the threats), petty theft for the beer and steak, and one count of disturbing protected sea grasses (no joke).

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