Miami Beach Man Arrested for Biting Step Son For Not Doing Homework

Glenn Thor "Roach" Larsen is behind bars today after getting a little too medieval on his stepson after the young boy didn't do his homework. 36-year-old Larsen allegedly beat and bit the 10-year-old boy after he admitted to not finishing his homework.

Larsen now stands charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse with great bodily harm or torture and one charge of resisting arrest.

The incident started when Larsen picked the boy up from an after school daycare on Wednesday and asked the boy if he has finished his homework.

"He did not complete his homework," said Miami Beach Police Detective Juan Sanchez at Larsen's bond court hearing today according to CBS Miami. "The defendant turned around and said well now you're going to pay. He pulled the car over and began to hit him with closed fist and open hands on his face and torso, after which they went back to the apartment. Again, he tried to pull the kid out of the car. The kid pulled away from him because he was scared, started hitting him again with closed fist and open hand and this time bit him through the clothing. Two hours later there was significant swelling a bruising starting to begin, starting to show," said Detective Sanchez.

Larsen is a sound technician with ties to the local underground rock scene, where he's known by the name "Roach."

Sanchez said that a similar incident occurred with the boy in 2011, and that Larsen has admitted to some anger management issues.

He's now being held on $21,000 bond and has been told to stay away from the boy and his mother.

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