Miami Beach Is the Third Most Expensive New Year's Eve Destination in the World
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Miami Beach Is the Third Most Expensive New Year's Eve Destination in the World

It's no secret that Miami Beach is one of the world's hottest destinations for New Year's Eve. You probably couldn't dream of a better place to spend the holiday. The Beach has some of the best nightclubs and parties for counting down, and the next day you can nurse your hangover while sitting on the beach or by the pool. The only practical problem with spending NYE in MB: It can get expensive as hell. 

So it's no surprise that CheapHotels.org found that Miami Beach has the third most expensive hotel rates for New Year's Eve on the planet. 

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To come to the conclusion, the site considered 30 major New Year's Eve destinations across the globe and then found the average price of affordable hotels in centrally located areas that were rated at least three stars and had positive overall guest feedback. 

Turns out the average price for a decent affordable hotel in Miami Beach is $286 per night from December 30, 2015, to January 2, 2016. Keep in mind that the average price for all hotels in the area is probably higher. This is just the average for comparatively "affordable" hotels. 

The site also found a 289 percent increase compared to the average hotel room rates during the rest of January. 

The only two cities with higher rates are Cancun ($311 per night) and Dubai ($302). Miami is the most expensive in the United States. Only Los Angeles comes close. Rates there average $272, which puts L.A. in fourth place.

Though most of the nationally broadcast New Year's Eve television shows film in New York, you can still find a cheaper deal on a hotel room in the Big Apple. The average rate for an affordable room there is $245. 

Here's the full top ten: 

  1. Cancun $311 (+274%)
  2. Dubai $302 (+176%)
  3. Miami Beach $286 (+289%)
  4. Los Angeles $272 (+76%)
  5. Edinburgh $268 (+396%)
  6. New Orleans $249 (+179%)
  7. Honolulu $246 (+98%)
  8. New York $245 (+176%)
  9. Punta Cana $239 (+97%)
  10. Rio de Janeiro $232 (+295%)

Looking for a cheaper alternative (at least as far as hotel rooms are concerned)? Try Buenos Aires. Rooms there average $38 a night. Heck, even Paris is a comparative bargain with an average price of $116. 

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