Miami Beach Hotel Included on List of Ten Dirtiest Hotels in America

Lots of tourists come to South Beach to get dirrty -- in that pained Christina Aguliera sense -- but most of them expect a clean room. For at least the second year in a row, a Miami Beach hotel has received the dishonor of making TripAdvisor.com's 10 dirtiest hotels in America list.

The Parisian Hotel & Suites and the Continental Oceanfront Hotel South Beach both appeared on the list last year but seemed to have cleaned up their act at least enough to spare themselves the embarrassment of being double dishonorees.

This year it's the Atlantic Beach Hotel at 3400 Collins Ave. that gets slum shamed. It came in sixth overall on the list compiled by user reviews of cleanliness. Here's a couple of those reviews for the Atlantic:

  • "The shower curtain had an unidentified gelatinous substance, the air conditioner wasn't working and being held up by tape, there was a big hole in the wall, the sheets weren't cleaned."
  • "The first thing we noticed was the smell, my goodness. It smelled liked mold, in the lobby, in our room, in the hallway, just about everywhere. They used some kind of spray to get rid of the stank probably, but that didn´t work though."
  • "First off we were greeted by a sleeping lobyist. As for the rooms, they are unkept and dirty, the t.v signal is bad, and it is probably more sanitary to sleep in the bathroom of the room!"
  • "Bugs in the bathroom, mold on the walls behind the beds. Moldy food for the breakfast."

Sounds like my apartment! Anyway, if your greatest enemy comes into town and is looking for a place to stay, well, now you know where to send them.

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