Miami a Top City for Sexist, Transphobic, and Anti-Hispanic Tweets

Miami may be a diverse and vibrant metropolis, but that doesn't mean its denizens are known for being politically correct. In fact, a recent analysis of derogatory language used on Twitter finds that Miami is one of the top cities for tweets that include sexist, transphobic, and anti-Hispanic language. 

To come to that conclusion, real-estate site Adobo analyzed more than 12 million geotagged tweets made in America between June 2014 and December 2015 and singled out tweets with 154 derogatory keywords including slurs against blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Arabs and Muslims, Indians, Native Americans, whites, women, men, gays, lesbians, transgender people, those with disabilities, the overweight, little people, and evangelical Christians.

Oddly, despite having one of America's largest Hispanic populations, Miami came in ninth for anti-Hispanic tweets. The terms identified as anti-Hispanic were "sp*c," "wetback," and "beaner."
In its analysis of anti-black slurs, Adobo found that many of the cities in that top ten had large black populations, which might indicate reclamation of the slurs, but the site isn't sure if that's what is going on with anti-Hispanic tweets. 

"Because anti-Hispanic slurs have largely not been reclaimed by Hispanic and Latino people in the way that the N-word is commonly used in black communities, it’s more likely that the usage of these anti-Hispanic slurs reflects actual racial hostility," the site writes. 

It's also impossible to tell from the analysis how many tweets were made by residents and how many were made by visitors. 

Miami also had a notably high usage of misogynistic language when the word "bitch" was omitted from the analysis. That includes words such as "c*nt," "hag," "bimbo," "slut," and "twat." Miami also ranked high for transphobic language and found itself in a top five that included three other Florida cities. Terms searched included the T-word, "shemale," "chicks with dicks," "man in a dress," and "men in dresses." The site theorizes that Las Vegas came in first because it's a hub for adult entertainment and videos, but Florida also has an active adult industry. 

An analysis on the state level showed that Florida didn't have particularly high levels of anti-black or anti-Hispanic tweets, but it did have higher-than-normal rates of anti-disabled, anti-overweight, and anti-women tweets. 

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