Miami: 15th Gayest City in America

I guess it's gay day here on Riptide. Despite the fact queer South Beach is losing an icon, The Advocate has decided Miami is the 15th gayest city in all of America. As with any of these weird rankings listacles the method used is kind of odd, but, honey, this worn out old queen of a city will take any compliment that comes its way.

Compiled by Mike Albo, the gay mag used an odd formula to tabulate the rankings: number of Gay.com profiles + gay wedding officiants in a 50 mile radius + elected openly gay officials + Tegan and Sarah performances in the last five years + lesbian bars + gay-friendly churches + entries for gay businesses in the phonebook all divided by the population.

If you can match up that to the graphic below, this is how Miami fared:

As with any city ranking involving Miami, we're left to guess if that means the actual city of Miami, all of Miami-Dade county or all of South Florida (and left to guess if the compilers even took such divisions into account). The population figure they use is for the actual City of Miami, but the description includes attractions that mainly pertain to Miami Beach. Which is an entirely different city. Which is why we hate listacles so very, very much. They hurt our heads.

Miami has finally graduated from party town to something more sophisticated. Over the past 10 years, the city has zipped itself up, with Art Basel lending an air of international sophistication. The Design District has given the city its own promenade of chic stores and restaurants, and style boutiques like the Webster (TheWebsterMiami.com) and Alchemist (ShopAlchemist.com) have elevated fashion beyond the beach look. But coastal chic can't be quashed here. Thankfully, there are still hordes of hot tanned and toned guys cruising South Beach.

Minneapolis is somehow the gayest city in America. Orlando is fourth, probably because Disney parks could not run with out them.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.