Methed Up Florida Man Arrested For Trying to Perform Exorcism on Son

Apparently, the power of meth was compelling 31-year-old Bryan Adams. The Okeechobee County man was arrested after abducting his own 11-year-old son at 3 a.m. in order to perform an exorcism. He then led police on a violent foot chase, and after being caught he turned in a gruesome mugshot.

The boy's mother had recently separated from Adams due to his heavy drug use. On January 15, Adams showed up at the woman's work place and demanded her car keys and custody of the children. He also mentioned that he kept seeing demons. The mother refused, but Adams showed up early the next morning at about 3 a.m. and snatched his son from his bedroom.

"You are the demon. You are the demon," Adams allegedly told the pajama-clad boy. "And you know what I must do."

Adams absconded with the boy to nearby woods. Police were called in and eventually tracked him down. He put up a fight and ran from deputies. They eventually needed both a K-9 unit and a Taser to apprehend him. Police noted that Adams showed abnormal strength and, apparently, didn't feel pain.

He was taken to a hospital and later admitted to having been high on meth.

Luckily, save for a small injury to his heel, the boy was OK.

Adams now faces charges of child abuse, resisting arrest, and aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer.

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