Meet the Stripper Mobile, You Horndog Super Bowl Fan

It sounds like a reality TV show in the making: A see-through bus full of babes on a cross-country roadtrip through the Bible belt, pole-dancing as they drive. You future producers can expect little old ladies to crap in their diapers, grown men to -- literally -- lick the side of the bus, and more than a few (kinda sad) tips on how to squeeze the most money out of a poor, silly schmuck.

Come Sunday, "The Stripper Mobile," America's most absurd advertising gimmick, will descend upon the Magic City for a Super Bowl tailgate party. They've already been booted from Las Vegas for allegedly distracting drivers, which is pretty much status quo on the blindfolded-foreign-driver deathtrap known as I-95.

Thank idea-guy Larry Beard, whose name makes him sound like an 18th century pirate (although he is not). He is the marketing man for Déjà Vu Showgirls, which is sort of the Wal-Mart of strip club chains. "It's like marketing 101," he says. "If I were selling fruit I would fill a truck with apples and peaches and park it on the strip. Our product is pretty girls."

Riptide hitched a ride in Tampa as part of a larger story last weekend and felt like the weird one for wearing clothing. Here are a few photos.

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Natalie O'Neill
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