Meet the New Nerdy White Dude, Same as the Old Nerdy White Dude

With Randy Mueller no longer around, reports have been surfacing everywhere that Bill Parcells is targeting Dallas Cowboys VP of Scouting, Jeff Ireland (awkward looking gent shown above) to take over the GM job for the Dolphins. Ireland is highly regarded around league circles as a dude who knows his shit when it comes to evaluating talent.

But the Herald's Armando Salguero confirms that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a surgically enhanced douchebag of the highest order, saying that if Parcells wants Ireland, he may not be able to get him until after April's draft.

"Dallas owner Jerry Jones has said he would like to see Ireland 'advance himself,' as long as it doesn't affect the Cowboys before the coming draft."

What good would that do us then? What a Texas-sized asshole.

Reports have also said that Parcells wants Cowboys assistant head coach Tony Sparano (this guy. not this guy) to take over the Fins' head coaching job. Sparano could be interviewed as early as this week.

It's obvious Parcells is targeting his guys to come work for him. And that most of those guys are coming from Dallas. Jerry Jones is gonna shit. Yeehaww you rubber faced motherfucker!

Speaking of Dallas. Dallas is the name of Bill Parcells' daughter (she must be a stone fox!). Dallas is married to one VP of Player Personnel for the New England Patriots, Scott Pioli. Just throwin ' it out there. -- Chris Joseph

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