Maureen Dowd and John Timoney: Best Friends Forever

Riptide is not part of the liberal media elite. Not yet anway, but it sure doesn't help that we're not reading the latest Maureen Dowd columns in a timely manner. 

Dowd's Sunday column about the Henry Gates hiccup takes inspiration from a familiar source. Apparently, she watched Miami Police Chief John Timoney's spot on Morning Joe last week and quotes him in her opener -- well, after the one-liner "Being obnoxious isn't a crime." Which is good news for Dowd... and us. 

As we reflect on the arc of civil rights dramas from Jim Crow to Jim Crowley, my friend John Timoney, the police chief of Miami, observes: "There's a fine line between disorderly conduct and freedom of speech. It can get tough out there, but I tell my officers, 'Don't make matters worse by throwing handcuffs on someone. Bite your tongue and just leave.' "

You can read the rest of Dowd's column here.

More interesting, though: Maureen Dowd and John Timoney are friends? I'm having Miami Social-inspired daydreams of arguing with Dowd at the Gansevoort.

"You and John Timoney aren't friends." 

"Yes we are. Google it right now. Google 'Maureen Dowd, John Timoney." 

"You're not friends. Like, could you call him up right now and be like, 'Hey, Johnny, it's MoDo. I'm chilling at the Ganz -- come on by.' You're acquaintances." 

Then, you know what, Timoney would probably show up, and we'd be there chilling with Maureen Dowd and John Timoney. And I guess we would be part of the liberal media elite then. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.