Matt Drudge Sees Spanish Obamacare Van in Miami and Freaks Out

The right wing's most influential techno hermit, Matt Drudge, lives in a mansion out in the Redland and was driving around Southwest Dade yesterday when he saw two things that freaked him out: the word "Obamacare" and the Spanish language. He tweeted a picture of a van touting an Obamacare sign-up service in Spanish, which for some reason set off a freakout among Twitter conservatives.

"You can still subscribe to Obamacare," reads the back of the van. "Apply today! Call 800-419-6318. You can qualify to receive Obamacare. Totally free."

For no reason whatsoever, Drudge implies the van is "government-looking," despite the fact that (A) it is not and B) it has civilian plates.

Riptide also called the number and was greeted by an English-language prompt that said, "Welcome to Med Plan," and not any official government service. According to its website, Med Plan "is a licensed discount plan organization which is regulated by the Florida Department of Insurance."

Drudge's followers replied with typical ignorance.

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