Matt Damon Verbally Bitch-Slaps TV Crew On Behalf of Teachers

Miami resident Matt Damon has come a long way since being portrayed by the South Park dudes as the semi-retarded fellow who could only stammer out his own name.

Now we're not even surprised when he busts out the phrase "intrinsically paternalistic" whilst demolishing an insipid television reporter and her cameraman.

Damon, whose mother is a teacher, was in Washington DC over the weekend at an education rally. A reporter tried to make some point about actors not having job security, which is why they work hard.

Damon made her look foolish with his response. When her cameraman tried to chime in with a weird stat-- "Ten percent of teachers are bad!"-- a flabbergasted Jason Bourne countered with: "Maybe you're a shitty cameraman."

And now we know, once and for all, who really wrote Good Will Hunting.

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