Martinez Gets Slimed by a Terrorist

Former Hialeah Mayor and now congressional candidate Raul Martinez doesn't come off too well on www.raulmartinez08.com. It points out that Martinez was convicted for extortion as Hialeah mayor in 1991. It also points out the uncanny resemblance between Martinez and Godfather character, Luca Brasi, whom we all know sleeps with the fishes.

And, of course, in good exile fashion, it associates Martinez with Fidel Castro.

More interestingly, the site is owned by former Indiana University professor Antonio de la Cova, according to a public records search on www.whois.com. De la Cova is an old school right-wing Cuban exile who was convicted in 1976 for attempting to bomb a Little Havana adult bookstore because he suspected it to be too liberal. He served five years of a 65-year sentence,

So does this mean that the upcoming elections are going to revolve around Cuba?

“The election isn't going to revolve around Cuba but it will revolve around Cubans, who still make up the largest single bloc of voters in the district,” said the man behind another Web site -- now dormant, that attacked fellow candidate Joe Garcia, Joedilocks.com.

So apparently it will boil down to who is toughest against Castro.

-- Carlos Miller

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