Ghostbusters Jingle Remains">

Maroone is "Dead," But the Ghostbusters Jingle Remains

If you need a car, truck or van. Who you gonna call? Not Maroone. The mega car dealership chain is changing its name, and will from now on be going using the name of its parent company, AutoNation.

But does this mean that South Florida most ubiquitous jingle is going anywhere? Will we never be informed of who we're supposed to call if we need a truck or van ever again? Will we survive these dark and scary times?

No, don't worry. There's already commercials that have replaced the "Maroone" with "AutoNation."

So actually, the Maroone jingle will now be stuck in people's heads across the country, albeit with a word change.

AutoNation, a Fort Lauderdale-based company founded by good ol' H. Wayne Huizenga, owns 215 dealerships across the country, making it the largest in the nation. Though, the company operates its dealerships under different names. There were thirteen different names used in various parts of the country. Maroone was once its own company, and kept the name on its local dealerships when it was acquired by AutoNation in 1997. Mike Maroone now serves as president and COO of the company.

And because literally everything is on the internet, here's a live performance of a "jazz funk" remix of the jingle.

And here's a two-year-old giddily singing along to it.

And here it is in a commercial with Dan Marino.

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