Marlins Screw Fans Yet Again

So the Marlins are at it again. They win a World Series and then end up trading everyone away. Why can’t they just keep people around. The Marlins are trading Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis for six prospects from the Detroit Tigers. Yes, they are trading the last two guys left from the 2003 team that won the World Series. It makes me wonder: Do the people in charge even give a damn about the fans? I know they care about the fans’ wallets and purses but damn this is like robbing a good friend, stabbing them repeatedly, and then, to top it off, pissing over the body.

It must be difficult for those true fans out there that rooted for the team and followed it all the way up to the World Series. It’s only been four years and now there isn’t going to be a single person on the team that played in that series. When the team strolls onto the field in 2008, the few people attending the games will wonder why they paid so much to watch a minor league team. I hope they demand their money back.

I’ll admit it and say that I’m not one of those true fans, but I feel for them. I’m sure that a collective “What The Hell?” resounded throughout neighborhoods in Florida this morning. While this is all surprising at first, we have to remember they did it back in 1997.

I’m starting to detect a cycle. Eventually this will all pass, fair weather fans will leave and the die-hards will follow the Marlins on their descent and then on their (cross your fingers) rise. Then they’ll win another series, and everyone will get traded again.

Here’s a hint for owner Jeffrey Loria: if you want a stadium, stop trading people. Seriously the fans will put up with a lot more of your crap if you just keep players around. It’s just common sense that fans will care more for the people they know instead of strangers. -- Elvis Ramirez

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