Marlins Pitcher Sean West Doesn't Mind When the Ladies Vomit

What a day for South Florida sports news! First Dwyane Wade begins the season with a hand to the face, and now Marlins rookie pitcher Sean West -- whose development this season was one of the bright spots in the organization -- has had a night out in Philadelphia to forget. Too bad for him his disgruntled limo driver remembers it all. (And has a photo to prove it.)

According to Philly.com, West was partying at G Lounge in Philadelphia this past Saturday night, started a fight, and then instead of duking it out with some Philly Phanatics, fled to his limo -- his limo crammed with five ladies! (305 represent!) One of them then proceeded to puke inside the vehicle, which obviously upset his driver, "Big Penny." (Only in Philly would no reporter bother to get a guy's real name -- "Big Penny" is just fine, thanks.)

West reportedly told Big Penny the vomit wouldn't be a problem because he has "a lot of money" (thanks, Florida taxpayers!) but then fled -- that's two fleeings, if you're keeping score at home -- with one of the ladies into a hotel, where he apparently played a little pitch-and-catch.

We at Miami New Times salute you, Sean. The rest of your team couldn't stick it to the Phillies when it mattered, but you're obviously doing your best to exact revenge on the City of Brotherly Love. Live in fear, Philadelphia -- Miami will not rest until we've soiled every last one of your limousines!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.