Marlins Pitcher Jose Ceda Shot His Friend, Dick Cheney Style

Eventually, we're all going to end up unwittingly shooting one of our friends. It happens. It happened to Dick Cheney and his hunting buddy. It happened to Charlie Sheen when he inadvertently capped then-fiancée Kelly Preston. It happened to Plaxico Burress and his thigh. 

Now the Marlins' Jose Ceda has admitted it happened to him. In 2008 in the Dominican Republic, his homeland, the pitcher was holding a handgun when he shot his best friend. The friend survived, and the shooting was ruled accidental, but Ceda kept it a secret from the Marlins when he showed up to spring training last season after being traded from the Cubs.
The team learned about the incident yesterday, and the Miami Herald broke it to the public this morning. 

Ceda says the emotional burden of shooting his friend took a toll on him psychologically and physically. The already heavyset Ceda put on weight and spent all of last season off with an injury. 

Ceda says he's recovering from the trauma. But listen, dude, it's time to man up. Riptide doesn't often tell people to follow Dick Cheney's example, but the ex-VP didn't let unintentionally shooting his friend get him down. And that shooting caused the 78-year-old victim to have a nonfatal heart attack. Did that stop Cheney from making horrible decisions about war and international policy? No, sir. He put on his weird half-smirk and got right back to work. 

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