Mike Redmond is on the Hot Seat
Mike Redmond is on the Hot Seat
Miami Marlins

Marlins Might Fire Manager Mike Redmond and Replace Him With Manager Known for Profanity Laced Tirades

The Miami Marlins annual parade of mediocrity has gotten off to a start that's downright terrible even by their standards. The team is 3-10, the second worst record in the league, with notable pitching problems. 

Well, we all know that Jeffrey Loria's favorite things to do, besides wasting taxpayer money, is firing managers, so it's no surprise that reports suggest he's mulling over the possibility of canning Mike Redmond just weeks into the season. Loria also has a tendency to hire, how shall we say, colorful characters to lead his team, so it's also not that much of a surprise that he's considering bringing in Wally Backman, currently a Triple-A manager with the Mets, to replace him. 

The Marlins just got swept by the Mets, and according to the Miami Herald, Redmond's fate with the team could rely on their upcoming series with the Pirates. Redmond, a former Marlins player, was signed as the Marlins managers in 2012 and received a contract extension last year despite racking up a not particularly inspiring .429 record with the team. 

Backman is reportedly a possible replacement. Backman's profanity-laced tirades are the stuff of legend and litter YouTube. The best rant is un-embeddable, but many of his rants were captured by a reality show that chronicled a season of the minor league South Georgia Peanuts. 

"Let me tell you guys something right fucking now. It's not easy to be a fucking champion. It's the hardest fucking thing there is to do, and the only way to be a fucking champion is to work your fucking ass off," yelled Backman. 

"Fucking wise up. Don't be fucking scared, because it looks like you're a bunch of cunts out there they way you're throwing," he continued. "It's bullshit. It's a fucking team effort. Do it. Get together and be a fucking team." 

A charming man for sure. 

Back in 2004, Backman had been picked to lead the Arizona Diamondbacks but the New York Times uncovered previously unreported skeletons in his closet, including a DUI arrest, another arrest, bankruptcy and other financial problems. He ended being fired before he even coached a game, and has remained a coach in the minor leagues ever since. He was a finalist to lead the Mets in 2011, but was instead named the head coach of the Mets minor league affiliate the Buffalo Bison before moving on to another Mets affiliate, The Las Vegas 51s. Here he is letting an ump have it in typical Backman fashion:

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