Marlins' Logan Morrison and Bryan Peterson Debut Online Reality Show

Marlins' Logan Morrison and Bryan Peterson Debut Online Reality Show

When an reporter tweeted a picture of Marlins outfielders Logan Morrison and Bryan Petersen sharing a bubble bath together, we were kind of puzzled. Well, we think we might finally have some answers on how the pic came to be.

See, Morrison and Petersen have partnered with SBNation to star in an online reality show of shorts called The Petey and Lomo Show. (Watch the first episode below.)

In the first episode, the pair learn how to ride Vespas and form a biker gang called the Dirty Vs. They then get cupcakes. That's about it, besides Morrison shrieking over a cameo by a Lance Armstorng cutout. (You guys are aware Lance rides non-motorized bikes, right?)

But from the looks of the opening credits, the teammates and roommates (and basically heterosexual life partners) will also partake in some fishing, painting, monkey handling, and paintballing in future episodes. While we do get a glimpse of LoMo in army green booty shorts, the exact nature of the bathtub conference is still unknown. Guess we'll have to keep tuning in figure that one out.

Interestingly, this won't be Petey and LoMo's only reality show appearance this year. The Marlins will also be filmed for Showtime's The Franchise throughout the season.

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