Marlins Ballpark is On Time and Under Budget

Almost everyone who opposed the new Marlins ballpark balked at the price ("yeah, just wait until it goes over budget") and the time line ("They'll be lucky if they're open for the 2015 season"), but surprisingly a year after breaking ground the thing is actually on time and even slightly under budget.

Reports Miami Today News:

The guaranteed maximum price for construction, finalized last month at just more than $422 million, is actually about $3 million lower than the estimated budget, which planned for $425.5 million, Miami-Dade County Manager George Burgess wrote in a progress report last week.&

But that doesn't translate to direct savings on the project. Contract terms require extra money be used to restore elements nixed during design and budgeting, and to beef up project reserves.

So the county won't actually be saving money on the project, however at this point it seems like the possibility of going way over budget is nil.

The project has also made good on suggestions that the majority of workers on the project be locals, with at least 20 percent coming from the City of Miami. So far they've already far exceeded the suggestions.

Also, most importantly, none of the public art mentioned in the report is to be by Britto.

So congratulations City, County, and Marlins for not wildly screwing something up, because good lawd, we know you each have a shady track record.

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