Marlin Ball Trouble

Sunday’s Marlins-Mets game was pretty exciting.

The home team’s Dan Uggla – you know, Ugly Uggla – made an astounding catch at second base, then hit a homer to put the Marlins back in it. David Wright, the Mets MVP, got the winning hit as the Mets won 7 to 6 in extra innings and nearly clinched a playoff spot. Also, there were 17,000 fans, not bad for the hapless Marlins.

But the real drama happened in Section 150 when a foul ball landed across the aisle from where I was sitting. A woman with two kids bobbled her drink as she reached up to catch it. Two or three men also reached out, spraying the lady with beer and knocking her almost to the ground. There was a nasty scrum as the horsehide bounced to the concrete and a guy who had been sitting 10 rows down emerged with it.

The lady picked herself up off the concrete. The guy walked back to his seat. The fans all around started booing, pointing at the ball thief.

Then a minute later, assumedly after his girlfriend reamed him, the ball thief bounded up the stairs, kissed the wounded damsel on the cheek and gave her the ball. The audience roared.

Okay, so the Marlins had two errors and stink this season. There are beautiful things happening at Marlins Stadium.

Chuck Strouse

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