Mark Foley Opens a Cute Little Consignment Boutique

Next time you make a shopping trip to West Palm Beach to stock up on your Lily Pulitzer sundresses and whatnot, be sure to hit up the hottest new store in town: former Congressman Mark Foley's new "Celebrity Consignment" boutique.

After getting caught sending naughty messages to twinky male interns, the disgraced Republican is finally free to live his life openly and has embarked on the long-held gay tradition of revitalizing neighborhoods.

"I suggest when the real estate bounces back again, this will be the ground zero of excitement," MAF54 told the Palm Beach Post of the historic stretch of West Palm along Dixie Highway between Okeechobee Boulevard and Belvedere Road.

Foley hopes to turn the area into an arts and entertainment district. Maybe next year when Charlie Crist is out of a job, he can persuade the gov to open a tanning salon in the area.

As for the consignment shop, most of the stock comes from Foley's former Washington home. Of particular interest are the numerous paintings and statues of elephants, the GOP symbol.

Foley, who also hosts a weekly radio program in West Palm, says he hasn't ruled out the possibility of running for elected office in the future.

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