Mark Foley Isn't a Big Charlie Crist Fan

Despite rumors, Mark Foley and Charlie Crist say they weren't roommates (or "roommates") when they were in the state legislature, but we were under the impression the two were at least chummy. So why does Foley seem to be rooting for Marco Rubio?

He attended a recent Rubio fundraiser and later was quoted as saying, "If anyone thinks this election for U.S. Senate is over, then they better pay attention. We are in a very unique time in America's political life... There are no sure bets in politics, and money alone is not the key barometer to electability." A direct shot at Crist.

Politically, though, it doesn't make much sense. Foley was a pretty moderate Republican: pro-choice, for hate-crime bills, and a member of the Republican Main Street Partnership. So shouldn't he be lining up for the more moderate Crist?

The answer might have to do with the disgraced congressman's new Palm Beach radio show. Maybe he's taking a page from the book of Limbaugh and taking a hard turn to the right for ratings glory.

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Kyle Munzenrieder