Mario Diaz-Balart Ranked One of the Most Vulnerable House Republicans

Every election cycle, both parties' congressional election committees identify their weakest incumbents in order to throw massive amounts of cash at them and hope they don't get booted out of congress. The cash is nice, but it's never good news for those on the list. 

Too bad for Mario Diaz-Balart, who was recently added to the NRCC's "Patriot" program, AKA a list of the 25 most vulnerable Republican incumbents. Diaz-Balart fended off Democratic challenger Joe Garcia by only about 15,000 votes in the last election, and party identification change in his district isn't working in his favor. 

Generation Miami has no sympathy

: "It doesn't help either when you're ranked last in the state in bringing home your constituents their fair share of the benefits they pay into with their tax dollars; when you're ranked as the 406th most effective member of Congress (out of 435); and when you've only passed one bill after being in Washington for seven years."

With blood in the water, it seems assured the Dems will take another shot at Diaz-Balart in 2010. Now that Garcia has a new job in D.C., the only question is who they'll put up. 

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