Marco Rubio's Ego-Fueled Book Tour Runs Through Swing States

Is there such a thing as reading too much into the schedule of a book tour? Maybe, maybe not, but the Associated Press just got a hold of Marco Rubio's touring schedule to promote his upcoming memoir, An American Son, and, well, what do you know, it hits up a whole lot of battleground states. Apparently every little thing Marco Rubio does now will be scrutinized for possible hidden messages about whether he wants to be Mitt Romney's running mate or run for President himself one day. Which is what happens when every little thing Rubio does lately is so transparently meant to promote his own national profile.

Much like a national campaign, he will be touring the South via bus on the week of Fourth of July. The first leg of the tour unsurprisingly hits up most of Florida's biggest metros, kicking off right here in Miami. After that he heads to Georgia, which isn't a traditional swing state, but he makes just one stop there in Atlanta.

After that he heads to South Carolina for two stops in Columbia and Greenville. The AP points out South Carolina is "where Republicans hold their first-in-the-South presidential primary." Which totally means Rubio is going to run for President himself in 2016! Or 2020! But probably 2016, because Mitt Romney is a wooden board with nice hair.

After that he's making four stops in Virginia and three in North Carolin, which are traditionally swing states. Both were won by President Obama in 2008, but may be hard for him to win again this year.

And that totally means he wants to be that wooden board's running mate, but only so he can set himself up to win the 2016 primary in South Carolina! Genius!

Seriously, we're getting a little tired of every little thing Marco Rubio does being over-scrutinized, every tea leaf he drops being read.

Then again the guy makes it so damn easy. Every move he makes is so transparently designed to heighten his own damn national profile and set up a possible national run one day.

Which is ironic for a guy who attacked Charlie Crist for being too ambitious, and promised to focus on working for Floridians. We're not sure how writing about yourself and then touring politically important states is actually doing any sort of work that benefits Floridians.

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