Marco Rubio Would Like Donald Trump to Shut Up About Obama's Birth Certificate

It's actually kind of amazing that the debate over Barack Obama's place of birth is still raging. I guess that's what happens when national punch line Donald Trump tries desperately to make headlines for his grand publicity stunt of pretending to think about running for president and decides to reignite the old "birthers" controversy. Well, Marco Rubio is sick of it and doesn't understand why anyone is still talking about Obama's birth certificate. He's come along way on the issue since he said on the campaign trail that he didn't know whether Obama was born in America.

"I believe Barack Obama was born in the United States of America," Rubio says in an interview with the Daily Caller. "He says he was, so why are we talking about this?"

Rubio says he'd tell Trump to ignore that issue, because thre are more important issues facing the country.

Rubio was never quite caught up in the birther craze like many of his fellow Republicans, but was a bit less definitive on the issue on the campaign trail.

At one rally, he said he "didn't know" whether Obama was born in America, but added, "He's been sworn in already... If someone had evidence, they should have presented it a long time ago."

Though, at the time, he did add he thought there were much more important issues.

[via The Buzz]

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