Marco Rubio Targeted by Democratic PAC Over Family Story Flip-Flop VIDEO

A week ago, the Washington Post slammed Florida's freshman Sen. Marco Rubio for "embellishing" his family story by claiming his parents arrived in Miami after Fidel Castro took over Cuba when, in fact, they arrived three years earlier.

Well, it didn't take Democrats very long to recognize the opportunity.

American Bridge 21st Century, a Democrat-aligned political action committee, has already prepared an ominous montage of Rubio's misstatements with the goal of scuppering the rising GOP star's nascent political career. See the video below.

American Bridge president Rodell Mollineau made no effort to hide that his PAC made the video to swift-boat Rubio's chances of landing on the GOP ticket next fall.

"If he is going to be bandied about as a vice-presidential candidate, don't you think people should know more about him?" he told CNN. "We'd like the American people to know a little bit more about Marco Rubio."

When the Post broke the news about Rubio's fudged bio, we also took exception, calling the senator a hypocrite and an opportunist.

But the fact that American Bridge would create an ad about a guy who isn't running for re-election for the next four years and has repeatedly refused offers to run for president says more about our insane, 24/7/365 Machiavellian political cycle than it does about Marco Rubio.

Here's the video. Let us know what you think:

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