Marco Rubio Really, Really Confident He Can Win Presidency (Oh, Also, Buy His Book)

You can't accuse Marco Rubio of self doubt. The Florida senator has not yet made a decision about whether or not he'll run for president, but he's seems pretty damn certain that if he did run, he'd totally be sitting in the Oval Office come January 2017.

"I believe that if I decide to run for president, we have a path to be a very competitive candidate, and ultimately to win," Rubio told the Associated Press today. "I can't guarantee a victory. Certainly these races will be very competitive, and there's factors outside of our control that will determine a lot of it. But if we made the decision to run for president, I believe that we can put together the organization and raise the money necessary to win."

Rubio also said that if he did decide to run for president, he'd be 100 percent committed to it and wouldn't have an exit strategy backup plan should things not work out. Which seems to infer that if he announced a presidential run he wouldn't backtrack and instead run for reelection to his Senate seat.

Rubio's term in the senate ends in 2016, and under Florida law he cannot run for both the presidency and the Senate at the same time.

Rubio, incidentally, is making the rounds to promote his new book American Dreams: Restoring Economic Opportunity for Everyone.

Whether his confident rhetoric teasing a presidential run is meant to bring extra attention, and therefore sales, to the book or whether the book is ultimately a tool to promote a presidential campaign remains to be seen.

Either way, its a win-win for Rubio bringing extra attention to Rubio and keeping him in national headlines while he just happens to have a new product for sale. He's certainly restoring some economic opportunity for himself.

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Kyle Munzenrieder