Marco Rubio on Cecil the Lion: "But What About Abortion?"

Your Facebook has likely been full of rage this week over the death of Cecil the lion at the hand of Minnesota dentist Walter J. Palmer. Of course there's a Florida connection: Palmer owns a second home over in Marco Island, but it's another Marco who has provided an even weirder Florida take. 

Florida senator and presidential hopeful Marco Rubio took to Twitter to today to wonder why people were so outraged over the death of a lion when, uh, abortion is legal  — or something?  No, this is not a comment left by an anonymous person named "FreedomL0Ver1776" on a Fox News article. This is an original thought by a sitting U.S. Senator. What the controversial and illegal killing of a beloved lion over in Africa has to do with American women legally choosing to terminate a pregnancy during its early stages we are not entirely sure. 

Apparently not even sitting U.S. senators are immune from taking to Twitter to spit out ridiculous political nonsense for the sole purpose of getting their core followers to click that sweet, sweet "retweet" button. 

Of course, there is lots of outrage over Planned Parenthood in this country (which, depending on how selective you are with Facebook friends, you're likely reminded of on Facebook semi-regularly as well). It's also likely that there are people who are outraged over both Planned Parenthood and Cecil's death. Imagine that! People can be upset about more than one thing at a single time. 

Is this what we are to expect from a possible Rubio presidency? 

"People are upset about the drought in California, but what about abortion? Hmmm?" 

"Yes, unemployment is back up to 10 percent, but who even cares as long as Planned Parenthood exists?" 

"Ten mass shootings in America over the past month, but, uh, abortion. ABORTION!" 

The tweet did not go over well with many others on Twitter. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder