It was just last week when noted website Gay Patriot ("the internet home for the American gay conservative") held Marco Rubio up as the prime example of Republican hottie. Surely, that singular "American gay conservative" and plenty of right-leaning housewives across Florida have at least once dreamed about what lies under the buttons of Rubio's Men's Wearhouse special. Thank your good Christian God Vanity Fair is here to deliver on those fantasies.

Marco Rubio: Naked Calendar Beefcake

The mag's website just unleashed "Red Meat: Vanity Fair's Official 2010-11 Republican Beefcake Calendar." It's supposed to be some comment on how Democrats must feel emasculated and puny going into the 2010 midterms, and Republicans are the new strong, virile studs of DC. I guess. I'm not sure. Anyway here's Rubio as he appeared in your dreams last night.

Rubio joins 11 other Tea Baggers, and you can behold the rest here.

Because people are a little slow, we should point out that these are Photoshopped. For instance John Boehner's head is actually doctored onto my body. You can tell because it's not as orange as his face.

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